The Science

People on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have a diminished ability to recognize and display these emotions

The GUI is unique in that it takes each of the 7 universal emotions of JOY, SURPRISE, SADNESS, ANGER, DISGUST, CONTEMPT, and FEAR and breaks them down into facial expressions, which are taken from 42 muscles in the face.

The algorithm reads the mask of data points taken from the face. Each universal emotion has its’ unique facial expressions: Joy=smile (lack of brow furrow). Surprise= eye widen/jawdrop/brow raise.  etc.

Emotifact  creates a series of 48 video loops with an “age appropriate training” face that shows each
facial expression and each universal emotion calculated at a 100% expression rate. Emotifact
developed a capture page showing both the ASD persons face and the trainer video as they try to
make the described expression. (Using any mobile device cell phone or tablet). It  features an
automated multi-frame facial expression capture and overlays a percentage on each picture
showing the result.